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About the Addon

The purpose of developing this Add-on solution was to provide the Export and Import related documentations and reports to the organizations dealing in any kind of industries where there are dealing into export and import related activities of their respective goods and services.

Solution Coverage

Following are the features covered in the solution:

  • Letter of Credit
  • Advanced License
  • Forward Contract Management
  • Detailed EXIM Documentation

There are further features in this addon solution which will be described in this document along with its benefits.

Addon Highlights

  • Letter of Credit (LC) Tracking
  • Export-import Tracking
  • Faster documentation Handling & Printing
  • Import License Utilization
  • Export License Fulfillment
  • Forward Contract hedging
  • Export SION norms Mapping

Addon Benefits

  • Error-Free and tightly integrated Export-Import Solution with SAP & Microsoft Solutions
  • Compatible with version upgrades of SAP & Microsoft Solutions
  • Automated Alerts configurable for Specific events in the system
  • Avoid Data Redundancy, Faster EXIM Documents Creation and Printing

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