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About the Addon

The purpose of developing this functionality was to ease the approval process in the organization wherein the earlier system was sending notification template on email and to apply any action, it redirected the user on “requests to approval” page for the same record to perform “approve”, “reject” or “delegate”.

While the new system is also sending notification template on email along with that it will attach two hyperlinks to perform action direct from email without opening page from web/windows will reduce time to perform action for approval management. User can “approve” or “reject” directly from email.

Addon Solution Setup

Below is the addon setup process:

  • Create customized approval template having buttons for “approve” & “reject”.
  • Attach customized approval template to system’s “notification template”.
  • Setup workflow which will redirect email while using “send for approval” action.
  • NAV Administrator change to generate customized hyperlink.
  • Use appropriate hyperlink on email to perform suitable action.

Addon Highlights

  • Customized Email Templates for Approval
  • Export & Import Customized Templates in Notifications
  • Job Master Entry
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Workflow setup for defining users for the Approval process

Addon Benefits

  • Simplify your Approval Process to take the necessary actions timely
  • Easy Setup process in the Solution
  • Simultaneous response for the Approval or rejection request
  • Eliminating additional pages required to execute the Approval process
  • Streamlined Activity Execution Process

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