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About the Addon

The purpose of developing this functionality was to manage the tolerance percentage in the organization for the order processing wherein an employee makes a purchase or sales order on behalf of their company.

Tolerances means a value state in percent for which the system does not accept a good receipt outbound delivery that is greater than the order quantity, as it is directly linked to Invoices and Payments.

Same way we can define Sales Tolerances as well. You can Over ship only defined Percentage of Quantity. So, we have designed functionality on configurable basis. You can configure system according to your requirements or nature of Items.

Addon Solution Setup

Below is the addon solution coverage:

  • Purchase Tolerances
  • Sales Tolerances

Addon Highlights

  • Quantity Tolerance for Purchase and Sales Order Creations
  • Form small differences automatically
  • Amount for item with order reference
  • Variance from condition value
  • Amount and Quantity of Blank Purchase Order Tolerance
  • Price Variance: Estimated Price

Addon Benefits

  • Liberalizing the small variations in Order Creations
  • Ease in Warehouse receipt creation during GRN as per the tolerance lines
  • Ease in the activity execution of both sales and purchase
  • Eliminating hassles of manual intervention in tolerance settings in order creations.
  • Smooth Orders Execution Process while keeping the tolerance in mind.

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