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About the Addon

The purpose of developing this functionality was to ease the procurement process in the organization wherein an employee needs to make a purchase or an order request on behalf of their company.

It includes a functionality that is used to inform department managers or the purchasing officer of the decision so that the purchasing department can start the purchasing process.

Document generated by a user department or storeroom-personnel to notify the purchasing department of items it needs to order, their quantity, and the timeframe. It is also called purchase request or requisition.

Addon Solution Setup

Below is the addon solution coverage:

  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Item Requisition
  • Item Transfer Requisition
  • Item Return Requisition

Addon Highlights

  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Request for Quote
  • Item Requisitions
  • Item Return Requisitions
  • Item Transfer Requisitions
  • Item Returnable Requisitions
  • Periodic Requisitions Reports

Addon Benefits

  • Simplify your Requisition Process to procure the necessary goods/services timely.
  • Overall clarity about the Procured, Returned and Transferred Items
  • Simultaneous Quote comparisons
  • Eliminating ambiguities in the Requisition process in terms of vendor selection as per the quality parameters and affordable price.
  • Streamlined Activity Execution Process

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