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About the Addon

The purpose of developing this functionality was to record the status of the production process and keeps a track of the quantity completed and rejected; WIP and finished goods costs as well as resource utilization.

Addon Solution Setup

Following are the features covered in the solution:

  • Maintain Factory Patterns
  • Resource Downtime for Machines & Labour
  • Work Centers and define absorption costing method
  • Default and Alternative routes for each finished goods

There are further features in this addon solution which will be described in this document along with its benefits.

Addon Highlights

  • Maintain Factory Patterns by defining the working and non-working days
  • Maintain Resource Downtime for Machines and Labour
  • Maintain Work Centers and define absorption costing method
  • Maintain Machine groups and machines define standard Machine Cost
  • Maintain Skill Groups and Labour with Standard Labour Costs
  • Maintain internal and subcontracted production processes
  • Define default and Alternative Routes for each finished goods
  • User rights for update, rejector scrapped quantities for production orders

Addon Benefits

  • Smooth Maintenance of shop floor operations by efficiently managing the production activities.
  • Awareness about the equipment depreciations and repairs.
  • Optimum use of the existing assembly lines by allowing user to load alternative route to the production order.
  • Appropriate tracking of the subcontracting process thus getting the proper insights of the lead time in the process.
  • Tracking the tools usage in each production process

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