Expert IT services for the Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is one of the most process-oriented industry in the world. Apart from being extensively involved in research and innovation, chemical manufacturers continually juggle between complex formulas and recipes, regulatory compliance, customer mandates, and managing compound specific characteristics such as shelf life, potencies and measuring unit conversions. Variable products and packaging create inventory and operation hassles that need constant coordination between purchase, R&D laboratory and marketing divisions.

Meanwhile, a robust global marketplace demands the constant renewal of product portfolio and proactive financial management. Progressive digitalization helps in overcoming these challenges. It accelerates business processes, revolutionizes market activities and creates endless possibilities. Solutions designed for discrete manufacturing do not work effectively for chemical manufacturing companies. The challenging environment of the chemicals industry requires manufacturers to have an ERP solution in place that addresses every aspect of their operations; formulation, fabrication, packaging and pricing. Microsoft Dynamics provides you with a single, flexible platform bringing together production, inventory control, customer service and order processing to help you run an efficient business.


  • Optimize operations by monitoring real-time inventory levels, production schedules, energy use, and manufacturing processes to schedule batches efficiently.
  • Track all manufacturing operations for streamlining regulatory compliance and to permit efficient product recalls, if required.
  • Take advantage of market demand, supply chain, and plant manufacturing visibility to optimize manufacturing capacity, raw material and finished goods inventories, co-products, by-products, and outsourced production opportunities.
  • Connect R&D with customer requests, raw materials procurement, production planning and sales to speed-up time-to-market for new or improved products.
  • Manage unlimited numbers of formulas and recipes incorporating variables such as potency, weight and yields.
  • Enhance quality assurance by tracking production statistics and comparing them to the customer or internal specifications.
  • Create multi-dimensional inventory records that track product specific traits including shelf life and lots.
  • Measure industry and customer specific key performance indicators (KPIs) and efficiently disseminate them with familiar desktop software.

Why Microsoft Dynamics for Chemical Industry?

  • Focus on core competencies by exploiting capital and production methods that facilitate strategic business decisions.
  • Rely on solutions that support industry-specific processes from recipe management, timelines and capacity planning to comprehensive batch management and hazardous materials management, and integrated processes in the commercial, sales, and strategic workflow.
  • Capture complete information early in the product lifecycle and integrate it with information systems to respond quickly, gain accuracy and insight for better decision-making.
  • Help your employees, customers, and suppliers in sharing documents and facilitate collaboration between research, production, suppliers, and sales. User-based access and robust security features help protect sensitive information while keeping it accessible to appropriate team members.
  • Comply with complex regulations and mandates required by chemical manufacturers to manage production, raw material, and source information. Microsoft Dynamics can provide integrated information, comprehensive production monitoring, and end-to-end transparency. You can track materials and production statistics from supplier to customer, identifying every action taken for a specific formula, batch, or operator involved in the manufacturing of a given product.
  • Help in optimizing performance by integrating financial management solution with robust reporting and analysis tools. General ledger, billing, payables, receivables, fixed assets, payroll, and other applications have been designed to work smoothly to help managers maximize cash flow and increase profitability.


Microsoft understands that chemical manufacturers need technology partners with excellent industry expertise to address their unique business processes and information requirements accurately. Microsoft Dynamics solutions are delivered by a global network of partners and independent software vendors who are focused on the specific needs of an organization. Microsoft Certified Partners can provide personalized service, customization, support, and training.

Growth Insight

Companies need systems that can meet current needs with a strong return on investment (ROI). They also need systems that can scale substantially in response to business growth, acquisitions, new markets, strategic redirection, or other foreseeable changes. Microsoft Dynamics, along with Microsoft server technologies and productivity solutions, offers tremendous flexibility and scalability, enabling companies to prepare for substantial growth in future.

Competitive Advantage

Microsoft Dynamics gives chemical manufacturers complete control of their processes, increased efficiency, and real-time information throughout the product lifecycle and across the supply chain. Closely integrated processes and tools can help streamline product development and customer relationship management for increased customer satisfaction and higher profitability. To learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics can deliver a competitive advantage For chemical manufacturers