Expert IT services for the Consumer packaged goods Industry

Consumer packaged goods industry faces challenges constantly in selling their products to the fiercely competitive and rapidly evolving retail sector. Price wars at retail level pressurize the supply chain and lead to smaller margins. Alternatives such as mail order, catalogue sales, and direct sales bypass the traditional distribution channels altogether, forcing FMCG companies to add value to their services to retain and gain new customers.

Microsoft Dynamics can help you thrive in the market with financial, process, and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. Deploying these flexible solutions can give your company a significant competitive advantage by meeting retailers’ demands more effectively, lowering the cost of operations, and improving customer satisfaction.

Why Microsoft Dynamics for consumer packaged goods distribution?

Streamline business processes

  • Automate critical business processes and reduce internal costs
  • Create accurate demand-forecasting models that lower inventory and improve customer satisfaction
  • Speed-up order picking with powerful, integrated Automatic Data Collection (ADC) solutions

Access accurate information in no time

  • View real-time and previous data across multiple locations to improve decision-making and judge the point of cost reduction.
  • Track individual warehouses and departments
  • Use intelligent enterprise solutions to identify opportunities for new products and services to set trends.

Don’t just meet, exceed consumer demand

  • Improve the ability to respond to unique customer requirements regarding packaging, marking and shipping.
  • Increase the accuracy and speed of customer interactions with low-cost, easy-to-implement web-based systems
  • Improve customer support by effectively tracking and monitoring customer needs and requests.
Production Scheduling

Improve your margins with a superior optimizer that is a smart mix of an enterprise resource planner and customer relationship manager.

Trade Promotions Management

Make the most of your marketing spend. Gain the visibility and control you need to manage everything from planning and funding to implementation and claim processing

Advanced Lot Trace

Manage all aspects of compliance as Microsoft Dynamics’ module monitors Critical Control Points (CCP) in your supply chain. Develop food safety/recall plans, and efficiently manage raw materials.


Microsoft Dynamics solutions are delivered by a network of partners with expertise in automotive manufacturing. They can provide personalized service from planning and implementation, to ongoing support and education which results in world class business solutions from professionals who understand your business and its growth.

Growth Insight

Organizations need systems that can deliver a strong return on investment while providing the opportunity to scale-up. Microsoft Dynamics, along with Microsoft server technologies and productivity solutions offers immense flexibility and scalability to implement various customised solutions to meet individual requirements and to allow for substantial future growth and change.