Expert IT services for the Manufacturing Industry

Industrial equipment manufacturers depend on technology for easing multiple stages of production and distribution, be it product design, production scheduling, resource allocation, inventory management or process optimization. Using a mix of discrete, process and lean manufacturing can restrict meeting consumer demand cost-effectively. A distribution channel spread across geographical boundaries, green manufacturing regulations, contract manufacturing further complicate the management of resources.

Real-time access to information and facilitating the performance of individual task anywhere in the world can help the industry in overcoming these challenges. The intelligent fusion of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as well as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Microsoft Dynamics is compatible for all models of manufacturing and provides a single solution to manage jobs performed across multiple locations.

Why Microsoft Dynamics?

  • Respond quickly to market and technical changes.
  • Collaborate with others in effective supply chains and networks.
  • Gain control of product quality and support life cycles and overall value to customers.
  • Improve cost control for strong profitability and a competitive edge.
  • Empower your workforce to maximize skills, time, and operational resources.


Pricing: Even if an industrial equipment manufacturer uses smart solutions for other operations, bidding and quoting manually can never provide the accuracy that a single integrated system can. Microsoft Dynamics solution can be of significant assistance in preparing fast and accurate quotes.

Create Time Value: The current industrial scenario is way too competitive for a manufacturer to wait to streamline processes. Pre-configuring operations can deliver time-to-value as soon as the system is up and running. The human resource at all levels can also understand and start using the solution from the beginning.

Production Visibility: An industrial manufacturer produces equipment for various industries and has multiple production lines. Project and operations managers should ensure instant visibility of production stage and project status instead of spending time in understanding, calculating and reacting. Microsoft Dynamics solutions can help to discipline the flow of information across all platforms.

Track financial performance: Tracking and ensuring production and distribution activity as well as taking individual measures in real time ensure that meeting milestones and costs lead to healthy cash flow and higher profitability.

Managing and welcoming change: Change happens, sometimes without warning. How you take it can make or break your company. A solution that is smart and responsive to change can help you in not just managing but embracing change.

Insight to add value

  • Organizations need systems that can deliver a strong return on investment (ROI) in meeting current needs while providing the opportunity of scalability. Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft server technologies and productivity solutions offer tremendous flexibility to meet individual requirements and to achieve substantial growth.To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics integrated solutions that can help you gain a competitive edge in the industrial equipment manufacturing industry

Build a competitive advantage with a knowledgeable business partner

You can implement the solution relevant for your industry and business requirements. The Microsoft global network of partners includes experts who specialize in solutions for the innovative electronics industry. They have experience, are multilingual and can understand your concerns. They are experts at Microsoft technology, its tool-kits, industry templates, and scalability of Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise solutions.