Chemical Industry

“ERP Solution formulated for the Chemical Industry”

ERP Solution for Chemical Industry

Our Solution for the chemical industry is one of the preferred ERP applications when it comes to managing the various complicated operations involved in a chemical manufacturing/processing business. Our Enterprise Management clearly stands out when it comes to adapting to the diverse needs of the chemical industry.

Diverse features of our Chemical ERP software lets you perform and manage critical activities like processing raw materials, scheduling tasks, importing and exporting, quality analysis etc. in an easy and efficient way. India, being the fourth-largest producer of agrochemicals in the world, agrochemical-based industries in India shoulders a huge responsibility of supply.Our ERP software solutions come with these powerful features.

Chemical Solution Functional Coverage

Complex & Multi Level Formula & Recipe Tracking

Data and Business Intelligence Sharing

Certificate of Analysis Creation and Reporting Compliance

Comprehensive Quality Parameters Management

Inventory Management with Make to OrderStock Scenario

Yield and Waste Management

Batch Scheduling and Planning as per Packing Sizes

Accurate Product Costing

Financial Management with Costing and Budgeting

ERP Features for Chemical Industry

  • Formula security to support Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)
  • Supports OSHA, EPA, ISO, DOT compliance requirements
  • Supports GHS Labelling requirements
  • HAZMAT bills of lading, VOC, and SARA reporting
  • Bi-directional lot traceability
  • Vendor approval and management
  • Stability testing
  • Non-Conformance and CAPA
  • Complete traceability and costing of by and co-products
  • Customizable COA (Certificate of Analysis) reports
  • Formula design based on physical properties
  • Separate costing of formula and packaging materials
  • New product development and its costing
  • Warehouse management
  • Shelf life / Expiration date support
  • Supports multiple units of measure
  • Containerization
  • Make-To-Stock and Make-To-Order Operations
  • Material Production Scheduling (MPS)
  • Material Requirement Panning (MRP)

Chemical Industry Specific Reports

  • Yield Analysis Report for tracking spillage or losses
  • Certificate of Analysis (CoA) Reports
  • Product wise Ageing and Expiry Tracking
  • Traceability Reports from RM receipt to Dispatch
  • Pre-Process, In-Process, Post Process and Inventory QC Reports
  • Customer and Vendor Ageing Reports

ERP Benefits for Chemical Industry

  • Quality Assurance
  • Compliance and Regulation
  • Safety Management
  • Inventory Tracking and Planning
  • Accurate Reports
  • Finance Management
  • Quality Control
  • Stock Handling
  • Expense Management
  • Resources Management
  • Production Management

Client Speaks

“NAV helped bring everyone to common platform. IT helped us to standardize our business process, reports and IT all over the world. Now we can easily have whereabouts of our dealers and they can are connected with us every minute . We are pretty much happy with the support and add-on’s provided by Mindquad Solutions.”

A Leading Specialist Chemicals Manufacturer in Gujarat

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