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“ERP Solution Mixture for the Packaging Industry”

ERP Solution for Packaging Industry

It is estimated that the Indian packaging industry could touch a whopping 73 billion dollars by 2020. Thanks to the digital revolution. Now this hints at the cutthroat competition the packaging industry is facing. Is your packaging business keeping up with the pace and changing needs of the market and consumers?

With an increasing need of business software solutions to manage your resources and streamline operations for the packaging industry, it is obvious to witness the burgeoning demand for ERP solutions. Is your packaging business future-proof?

Packaging Solution Functional Coverage

Cylinder Rolls Managements per Running Work Orders

Accurate Product Costing as per Customized Requirements

Yield and Waste Management

Multiple Unit of Measure Conversions

Equipment and Resources Management

Flexible Inventory Management

Financial Management with Costing and Budgeting

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Advanced Requisition Management

ERP Features for Packaging Industry

  • Document Control

View internal and external documents, as well as email, from secure document control libraries with complete audit trails and history.

  • Vendor Approval and Management
  • Lot and Serial Traceability

More accurate and compliant inventory control is easily achievable with complete lot number tracking and traceability.

  • Multi-Level, Industry-Specific Bills of Material

Unlimited, pre-defined, tool-based BOMs, with the ability to handle your dies and inks, meet the unique needs of your production operations.

  • Complete Traceability and Costing of By and Co-Products
  • New Product Development and its Costing
  • Make-To-Stock and Make-To-Order operations
  • Material Production Scheduling (MPS)
  • Material Requirement Panning (MRP)
  • Shelf Life Management

Take a proactive role in tracking and moving inventory with characteristics that limit shelf life. Once the shelf life has expired, the inventory is automatically identified as non-conforming and electronic alerts are sent out.

  • Warehouse Management
  • UPC Labelling

From a PC, tablet or other hand-held device, print a variety of labels (including complex barcode and 2D compliance labels) automatically on the shop floor as parts are being produced and boxes filled.

  • Supports Multiple Units of Measure

When you are storing in pounds, producing in grams and purchasing in boxes, constantly changing units of measure can get complicated. The solution offers flexible units of measure with automatic built-in conversions so your quantity is accurate every time.

Packaging Industry Specific Reports:

  • Yield Analysis Report for tracking spillage or losses
  • Reusable Wastage Reports
  • Rolls\Cylinders Consumption Reports
  • Traceability Reports from RM receipt to Dispatch
  • Pre-Process, In-Process, Post Process and Inventory QC Reports
  • Customer and Vendor Ageing Reports

ERP Benefits for Packaging Industry

  • Flexible Operations
  • Tailored Configurations
  • Supports Seamless Integrations
  • Data Security
  • Sales Forecasts
  • Resources Tracking and Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Reduced Expenditure
  • Reduced Wreckage
  • CRM Integration
  • Meet Genuine Demands

Client Speaks

“Microsoft Navision is really a value for money solution for small and mid-sized companies like us. It is a comprehensive solution capable of addressing all the critical requirements of an organization.”

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