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“ERP Solution Trending for the Retail\Distribution Industry”

ERP Solution for Retail\Distribution Industry

Trading industry today is facing a large competition at every corner of the world. India exported around $303 billion in total in 2018-19. This is expected to rise in coming years. With such excellence in trading, distribution and dealing sectors, the competition is sure to become stiff in the near future. This is the reason trading businesses are turning to enterprise technology and ERP software is one such tool that has become a hot favourite among the trading industry.

ERP redefines sophisticated operations for a trading business. It brings in synchronised departments, improved decisions, better outcomes and increased profits.

Retail\Distribution Solution Functional Coverage

Procurement Management

Financial Management

Deriving Accurate Profit Margins

Schemes Management

Barcode or RFID Integrations

Interactive Analytics and Reporting

Accurate Sales Management

Multi Locations Inventory Tracking

Automated Processes

ERP Features for Retail\Distribution Industry

  • Customer Loyalty/Privilege Card Management
    • Create Privilege card and Customer.
    • Customer Type required to be set to Privilege.
    • Privilege Amount can be displayed so that the remaining amount can be highlighted.
    • We can setup a formula based on purchase amount which can be used during repurchase.
    • Remaining amount paid through any payment type after applying Privilege Card.
  • Offers Management
    • Create Offers.
    • Different Types of Offers Availability.
    • Exchange Offers availability in Sales Order.
  • Retail\Web POS Item Hierarchy
    • Item Classification can be done as per
      • Brand Category
      • Product Group Code
      • Product Category
      • Item Category
    • Fetch data both on premise and on web.
  • Sales Team Incentive Management
    • Sales Team Incentive Setups
    • Product wise Incentive Setups
    • Sales incentive Reports
    • Flat Incentive Reports
  • Push or Pull Brand Setup
    • Bifurcation of Brand Type and Brand Category
    • Applying Sales Incentive as per Brand Type
  • Configurable Web POS Application
    • Configurable Application for Sales Person and Purchaser.
  • Multiple Tender Types
    • Multiple Payment Option Creation
    • Multiple Payments Options Availability for a Single Sales Order
  • Delivery Planning
    • Planning of delivery can be done on Item Card as well as Sales Order
    • Outward Planning generation for Warehouse department.
  • Complain Management
    • Customer Wise Complain Management
    • Customer Invoice and Item Linkage to their respective Complains
    • Seamless Complains Exports in Excel Formats
  • Replace & Buyback Management
    • Replacement Inward and Outward Tracking
  • Power BI & Business Intelligence for Retail Management

Retail\Distribution Industry Specific Reports:

  • Product wise Margin
  • ABC Analysis Reports
  • Dead stock Reports
  • Supplier Payment, Outstanding
  • Counter wise sales and cash.
  • Attribute wise/supplier wise sale/purchase tree reports, Attribute (Brand wise, Category wise, etc) Gross profit reports
  • Salesman incentive
  • Product replacement
  • Stock Taking Shortage/Excess
  • Product wise monthly sale/purchase comparison report
  • Customer wise Sales Analysis

ERP Benefits for Retail\Distribution Industry

  • Real-Time Monitoring of Resources
  • Application Integration
  • Accurate Analysis and Reports
  • Automated Operations
  • Customized Notifications
  • Workflow Management
  • Compliance
  • Supply Chain Management

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“With our network integration strategy enabled by Microsoft Dynamics Navision we increased sales, revenue, and market share.”

A Leading Retail Chain of Gujarat

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