Case Study


Gujarat leading Granito Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1994. It is a company for manufacturing quality ceramic, porcelain and vitrified tiles. It has more than 5000 retail outlets and over 700 dealers. It has 20 branch offices with more than 1200 professionals all over the world.  Total Production Capacity including wall, floor and vitrified tiles was 50,000 sq. mtr. in 2010.

Industry Vertical

A leading Ceramic Company

Office Location:


Business Challenges:

Previously they needed consultants or IT Pro to collect the data, analyze it and turn it into visuals for decision making. This used to be not only time-consuming but priced out of their range. Being late to the game is the same as being wrong. Business owners succeed when they can immediately identify what is the hot new item. As data grew with time, analyzing the latest trends to make important decisions for the company became complex and time-consuming.

Due to these challenges management was not able to get the analytical reports required for making Macro & Micro level decisions for the organization.

Business Features:

We as a partner of Microsoft understand the Client’s Pain Area and were capable to create reports in Power BI, from which company benefited a lot i.e.-

  • Created Customer Outstanding Report in Power BI, which helped the company in following up faster regarding payment with Customers as per due date.
  • Created Sales Deck Report, which helped management level executives to keep an eye on the latest Sales numbers and make faster decisions for the company.
  • We provided business owners details on Monthly Sales by Area using Power BI Report, which helped them to understand what’s working well, what’s underperforming and where the largest share of revenue is coming from.
  • Using Power BI, they could analyze the health of their business in minutes, comparing to the previous approach of waiting around for data to be extracted with the help of hiring IT Pro or Analysts.