Case Study


Our client is a dynamic New Jersey-based company that provides support surfaces, safe patient handling and bariatric equipment, and NPWT. Client has grown dramatically in the long term, acute, and home care markets. The client is a Medicare and Medicaid provider and acts as a preferred provider for managed care organizations, insurance companies, and private families.

Industry Vertical

A Health Care  Equipment Trading Company

Office Location:


Business Challenges:

We have a client dealing in healthcare industry whose business process is to purchase/sale of medical equipment to the hospitals and medical stores located in different zone and territories.

They need to deliver heavy bulk of medical equipment as and when orders are processed for shipping.

The challenge was they have to maintain an excel list for equipment delivery details with driver’s specification for different zone/territories. Also, Drivers have to ask on which zone/territories they have orders to be delivered.

Sometimes, Drivers were assigned inappropriate zones/territories for equipment delivery which resulted in dispatch delay of orders.

For example, if there are 3 orders for the east zone and 2 orders for the west zone, both the zone orders are assigned to single driver then there was dispatch delay as He has to travel one zone to other which was time-consuming and not good management for the Industry.

Business Features:

To outcome the driver delivery zone issues we designed a tree view.

The tree views page prints the delivery details with driver’s specifications grouped with zone and can be filtered with the scheduled date.

This gives the warehouse employees an idea that for a specific day a vehicle will take orders for delivery only for specific zones/territories.

When the order is successfully delivered i.e. entries posted in the NAV system after that entries from tree view is transferred to historical delivery list.

In TrueView, the following functionality was added.

  • Scheduling drivers for shipment directly form the tree view page.
  • Specific document can’t be assigned to more than one driver.
  • Data for pending delivery can be checked for a specific day/month.
  • Driver’s vehicle loaded only for a specific zone.
  • Gives an overview of how many orders are assigned to which driver and what date is being scheduled for delivery.