Case Study

Industry Vertical


This company is one of leading bottled water manufacturer and distributor in Zambia based in Africa. It was established in 2000, with the aim of providing an exceptional hydration and refreshment experience through its bottled water.

Company distributes its product to all 10 provinces in Zambia and has market presence in various neighboring countries due to cross boarder trading and exporting.

Office Location: Zambia
Business Challenges

The most visible issue was in Sales and Marketing. They were managing a huge salesforce and Dealer network – but they were unable to keep track of opportunities and exercise control over their sales network.

First implementation was failed with partner based in South Africa as confidence level was very low among users and owners, then they have decided to reimplement with MindQuad solutions.

There was also need of strong service management system as they want to Integrated Transport activity along with Sales Process.

They need strong control over working capital as they are facing loss of working capital costs because of pilling up of inventory. Selling expenses was increased due to lake of expense control and management.

Business Features

After implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV along with integration of Handheld Printer and Android application they were easily managed dealer network and sales force.

After detailed process study MindQuad decided to develop Fleet and Plant maintenance system for managing Transport break down and other equipment services.

By implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV with automated workflows and centralized document management, the Finance department was able to close the month out in hours instead of hours which provides them clear picture of organizations growth.

Now with the use of Hand-Held devices and they can record accurate Sales, Track inventory and payments information more efficiently along with Truck load management and Route management as well.

Services truck inventory inventories can be refreshed daily using Sales and Inventory data.

Now they can collect time and expense data from consultants in the field.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the manufacturer was able to consolidate data to synchronize build-to-order and build-for-stock operations.

They are now capable for managing multiple Routes of business and multiple dealer network.