Case Study


Roechling Group was established in the year 1822. This company is headquartered in Mannheim, includes many locations in countries all over the world.

Industry Vertical

Plastic Engineering Industry

Office Location:


Business Challenges:

The company wanted to analyse their sales data Year and month wise. due to the large business area in medical, automobiles and industrial division, it was difficult to drill through a large number of data. The company needed a tool that helps them analyse their data year and month wise.

Business Features:

We as a partner of Microsoft understand the Client’s Pain Area and were capable to create reports in Power BI, from which company benefited a lot i.e.-

  • Created Sales Report in Power BI, which allowed the company to drill through their sales data Year and month wise. By analysing previous months and years of data, Better and faster decision making was possible.
  • Created Inventory Analysis Report which showed the company’s current stock for all items, which items are invoiced and which items are shipped.

This helped the company to decide which items are selling the highest in which region.

  • Using Power BI, they could analyse the health of their business in minutes and make faster decisions accordingly.
  • A company could filter their data according to many criteria i.e. Item category, Form name, Product Group Description, etc.