Our client belongs from the promotional product industry in the USA region. It has a wide range of products in promotional apparels, custom promotional products and promotional accessories. Also, it provides corporate stores and creative services.

Industry Vertical

Promotional Products Assembly & Distribution

Office Location:


Business Challenges:
  • The major challenge was the timeline of the project, we had to implement this project in the period four months from a remote location. Also, we had to consume fewer licenses as possible for the maximum users and we use 40 licenses for more than 150 users.
  • Real-time integration with the website was also challenging for us to synchronize the data. Client needs to sync the data from website to Microsoft Dynamics NAV on every 10 seconds for the sales order.
  • We had to integrate Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the two major add-ons, such as Charge logic add-on for the credit card payment and Avalara add-on for the USA taxation system.
  • We had to customize Microsoft Dynamics NAV less as possible to take a core benefit of the product. The client demanded to implement advance warehousing system. Also, we had to implement the gift card system for giving a discount to their customer.
Business Features:
  • The major advantage is that client can generate real-time balance sheet which can be helpful in determining the overall health of the company.
  • Advance warehousing improves relationships with customers and suppliers. High visibility of inventory and the ability to schedule the receipt of shipments, both supply and demand chains are optimized with the use of advance warehousing.

The planning engine is used to predict the required quantities of the materials for the production.