Case Study


This retail firm was established in the year 1971, for electrical and electronics products headquartered in Ahmedabad, India. It has 32 branches in the state of Gujarat and planning to open about 50 branches all over India in near Future. They have more than 150 employees and over 1.2million satisfied customers.

Industry Vertical

Retail Chain of Electronics & Home Appliances

Office Location:


Business Challenges:

Previously they were using an in-house developed ERP system which was not integrated with Finance and Inventory. System was not secure enough, as user can play with posted transactions also.

Major Inventory, Financial reporting & MIS were prepared in excel which cause tedious, lengthy & erroneous task.

Due to large quantum of transactions in daily sales Invoices, the legacy system performance was too poor & resulted into user level frustration.

They were not able to have real time physical stock, Financial reports & sales reports for making Macro & micro level decision for the organization.

They required a strong customer support; Customer complaints tracking & response management system to provide prompt response to customers. Also, they required Delivery app to give seamless delivery experience to customer.

They were not able to create and manage various offers as per their business and market requirement.

All Purchases are managed by the HO for all the branches.

Business Features:

After Implementing NAV, all departments and relevant business processes viz., from Procurement to payable, sales to service including complaints and delivery management, were seamlessly connected.

Management can have their reports with a single click from System.

Developed Custom Web POS application with web services, which share seamless shopping transactions at all the stores. As this POS Application is integrated with NAV, management can view live sales dashboards.

By Implementing this web application MindQuad was able to complete the whole project at a fraction of cost of what licenses costed.

With 3-tier installation of Dynamics NAV all 35 stores are able to do their live transactions seamlessly without any delay. User can get required information simply logging in remotely from Laptop, Desktop, Mobile Phone, and Tablet.

MindQuad developed Complaint management module, which integrated with Sales module. Auto generation and e-mailing of installation and warranty data to vendor made the concerned teams very efficient in After sales service & complaint management.

MindQuad designed a configurable Offer management module. This is to manage their offer to the Specific Branch, Product, Duration etc.

MindQuad delivered modules viz., Incentive, privilege card, gift voucher, and Item Exchange.

After successful implementation of NAV, MindQuad integrated Dynamics NAV with an e-commerce platform.

Power BI implementation on-going to get live business dashboards that give real-time information and status of the business.