SAP Consulting Services

One of the most premium services of MINDQUAD is to provide skilled & experienced SAP consultants to the End Customers on diversified projects. Over a period of time MINDQUAD has acquired a pool of knowledgeable consultants who have excellent domain experience in various industry verticals. Our rigorous induction procedure, acclimatize consultants into our core value system where time & delivery commitments become their prime concerns. The success or failure of an ERP project very much depends upon its timely execution. Commitments of consultants play a major role besides the support and interest of client users. In a way, we just don’t provide consultants but take up the entire projects in hand and commit to deliver the results on stipulated time. Flexibility & adaptability of our work culture help our consultants to gel with other consultants on site as well as with the stringent requirements of the project. Our effective HR processes that works on following model, adapt a consultant into our role model in the shortest possible time.

In today’s global marketplace, professional companies need more than just resources. They need the right-fitting resources. Getting the right SAP resources takes more than searching a database, identifying skill sets, and posting project requirements. That’s why we focus solely on finding and delivering complete, integrated SAP resource solutions. As specialists in SAP Consulting and Recruiting, MINDQUAD enables you with the right SAP matches by first getting to know you.

MINDQUAD has always focused on Quality candidates, Quick turnaround and 100% customer satisfaction. We deliver experienced, cutting-edge consultants; with an average of 10 years industry experience, who have lived through multiple implementation cycles of SAP technology relevant to your project needs. MINDQUAD team is continuously focusing on delivering the technical resources who are also geographically diverse. We can help you to build implementation teams for each of your technical and functional requirements.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Need to save time and shorten your permanent hiring cycle?  Then MINDQUAD’s direct hire services are for you. We provide value addition by helping you to identify, screen and provide you with the “Right Fit” resource that will shorten your hiring cycle.

If you need to reduce your HR cost for hiring permanent placements direct hire services is the answer. Contact MINDQUAD to learn more on how to leverage our large database of highly skilled professionals for your needs.

Project Staffing Services

MINDQUAD’s project staffing services gives you the flexibility of managed resources with a non billable onsite resource coordinator to pass on the HR burden to MINDQUAD and focus on the control they would exercise over an in-house team.

If you have HR burden and which is difficult to manage with multiple vendors, then MINDQUAD’s project staffing services is the answer. MINDQUAD with its extensive experience in staffing can help you provide with project teams right from project managers to developers so that you can focus on the project deliverables and pass on the HR functions to MINDQUAD. Contact MINDQUAD to learn how you can manage knowledge transition with our Project Staffing Services.

Managed Staffing Services

We simplify your vendor management with MINDQUAD managed staffing services. MINDQUAD has state of the art systems that can help you manage your vendors from requirement to termination and ensure a single point of contact for all vendors.

If you want to reduce your cost and liabilities managing multiple vendors then MINDQUAD’s proven managed staffing services is the answer. Contact MINDQUAD to learn how you can benefits from our managed staffing services to provide a seamless cost saving alternative to manage your vendor base.

Managed Staffing Services include:
Pay-Rolling Services

We work with you as a ‘partner’ and not just a ‘vendor’ to help you manage your contract workforce. MINDQUAD’s pay-rolling services can help you reduce your liabilities and management of contract employees.

MINDQUAD’s pay-rolling services streamline the communication and compliance for your contract employees. MINDQUAD’s state of the art systems and methodologies makes it an ideal partner of choice to provide payroll services by managing your contract employees. Contact MINDQUAD to learn about the advantages you can achieve from our pay-rolling services.

Pass-Through Management Services

We consolidate your vendor lists and streamline your procurement process. MINDQUAD’s pass-through services will help you retain critical resources without increasing your budgets.

We help you in transitioning large number of resources. MINDQUAD’s pass-thru management services will help you transition your critical resources and maintain teams on specific projects or enterprise wide transitions. Contact MINDQUAD to find out more on how our pass-through management services can help you with changes and maintain your critical resources during important mergers and acquisitions.

Recruiting Methodology:

MINDQUAD’s SAP recruiting engine is regarded as the best in the industry. We are focused on candidate attraction and retention with a flexible model tailored to suit specific requirements. Strict selection criteria are set on a position-by-position basis with weighting applied to specific client preferences based around desired competencies and organizational culture. With an internal team of 15+ people focused on your needs we deliver:

  • Quick turnaround on your requests
  • Excellent Consultants who fit meet/exceed your requirements
  • Customized Quality Assurance
  • Formatted Resumes with the appropriate focus for timely review

Screening and Testing Methodology:

Processes and systems have been developed at MINDQUAD to ensure that only the ‘Right Fit’ candidates are selected. MINDQUAD has a stringent 3 level screening process that ensures only the best candidates are selected. MINDQUAD has close to 100 resources working globally. This has been possible due to our stringent quality checks and screening process.

Transition Management Methodology:

MINDQUAD has a proven and successful transition methodology that has been implemented with a number of our clients. MINDQUAD’s transition methodology streamlines the process of migrating knowledge, systems, and operating capabilities. The transition plan commences with the establishment of engagements that helps plan and execute transition effectively. The representatives from MINDQUAD are well acquainted with ensuring the efficient migration of the identified processes and knowledge.

Quality Assurance:

MINDQUAD has its internal quality assurance process to measure all service delivered to our clients. All processes are tracked in our internal Quality Management Survey. This enables MINDQUAD to track all service levels internally and implement any corrective actions proactively. A feedback mechanism from client also helps MINDQUAD strengthen our internal processes.


The training department at MINDQUAD aims to enhance the capability of the workforce. The objective is to make the training department strong and self sufficient to take care of at least 80% of training needs internally. MINDQUAD also has access to over 1900 courses covering various technologies and skills to ensure employees are up to date on current skills.

MINDQUAD is a leading provider of technical and IT staff augmentation solutions. MINDQUAD enables you to maintain your competitive advantage by cost-effectively delivering highly skilled consultants when and how you need them most. We can support your staffing needs in a variety of different areas and specialties, with high quality SAP professionals.

MINDQUAD is 100% SAP focused and can acquire certified SAP professionals with the strategic skills and experience needed in a timely and cost-effective manner, many CIOs, MIS directors, and technical managers turn to MINDQUAD for quality SAP consultants. We enable companies the ability to quickly respond to technology initiatives by strategically acquiring skills and cost-effectively managing available resources.

MINDQUAD Resources

Let MINDQUAD serve as your extended IT organization. MINDQUAD helps you address technical resource requirements with contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire IT recruiting services. Our strength is in our people and we are ready to work hard for you. We understand your need to find the right resource quickly.

On an average, MINDQUAD Consultants have:

  • 6 + years of business experience and 3+ years of SAP Experience
  • Industry Knowledge and Multi-disciplinary SAP skills
  • Experience of multiple successful projects and engagements
  • Ability to be productive from Day One
  • Techno-functional to facilitate effective delivery of requirements

Our Values:

  • Flexible Engagement Model
  • Time & Material / Fixed fees projects
  • Implementations
  • Upgrades & Enhancements
  • Staff augmentation
  • Hire Contract
  • Service Level Agreement driven services
  • Basis support (RMO)
  • Post-production support
  • Strategic consulting
  • Quality Audit workshops and roadmap development
  • Resource Pool to SAP Consulting Firms
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