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Innovative, Flexible, Faster Configuration and Deployment

Dynamics 365 Business Central is one stop business management application that helps you to manage sales, services and operation, customer engagement process, finance to streamline business processes enable growth. Business Central is easy to use and adapt, also keeps entire business connected, responsive, productive and proactive.

Flexible and Extensible Integration enterprise solution means Dynamics 365 business central. Business central is new generation of Dynamics Navision. Dynamic Business central is an extremely reliable solution for small to mid-size companies.

Business Central is a collection of cloud-based business apps and manage activities related to Sales, Marketing, Finance, Manufacturing, Distribution, Supply Chain Management, Field Service, Project Management, Human Resources and many other Operations.

Business Central allows exclusive industry-specific functionalities with exceptional Autonomy & Flexibility. It is suits business of niche sizes, from small to business organizations. Also, it is serving with Business Intelligence assets like PowerApps, Power BI, etc.

Business Central allows organizations to fine-tune permissions for each user which enables the organization to create a variety of user roles and types, giving the control need.

Business Central also supports web-based reporting portals with the ability to create user – and group specific portal permissions.

Business Central utilizes the Microsoft Azure platform which provides strong data capabilities and allows instance to be accessed anywhere, at any time.

Business Central Capabilities:

  • Financial management: Basic General Ledger, Make informed decisions, Reconciliation, Currencies
  • Customer Relationship Management: Contacts, Campaigns, Opportunity management, Sales integration
  • Supply Chain Management: Sales, Purchase Order, Warehouse Management
  • Human Resources: Employees & Expense management
  • Project Management: Plan with precision, Resources, Estimates, Timesheets

Service order management: Service orders, Service item & contract management, Planning

Our Highly experienced team of Business Central consultants brings a wide variety of knowledge and skills combined with functional, Technical and industry experience, to serve the high-demanding consulting and strategic planning needs of our clients across all domains.

Process of Implementation:

  • Inception
  • Conception
  • Construction
  • Realization
  • Elaboration

The role of Implementation methodology & project planning is critical to the success of any venture. At MindQuad, we follow our own carefully crafted Process Centric Methodology based on Microsoft Sure Step Business Central implementation framework and enhanced with our own best practices from years of support and implementation experience.

As veterans of Microsoft Business Central support, the MindQuad team has seen many projects struggle when the designed solutions would’ve succeeded with proper planning, staffing and the right implementation approach. We’ve achieved 100% delivery on our own customer projects and observed lessons from other failed or unstable implementations. With our breadth of knowledge and depth of experience, MindQuad is able to circumvent common missteps and lead your project through to realization.

At MindQuad we have decade of Experience in Implementation of Business Central in various domain. We enhanced Dynamics Business Central specific to Business vertical, domain & Industry specific requirement.

MindQuad carefully crafted Implementation Methodology for “Product Rollout”, which results into less implementation efforts, time frame & commercial investment.

Every Organization has its own individual processes, procedures and goals. In Microsoft Business Central, tailor customize application and make it suitable for every business process module.

Add-on applications are different for every industry vertical, but it makes easier way to manage.

Using Add-ons organizations can integrate a wide range of features into their ERP systems — for example, project management, process control, achieve efficiency and compliance management solutions.

Each add-on is built in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. You can use all the functions of an add-on solution within your Business environment.

Our Add-ons Modules:

Quality Control Management
  • Purchase/In process/Internal Quality Control
  • Purchase QC has both options before GRN & After GRN
  • In Process QC at diff stages of Production Process
  • Auto return order processing for the rejected material at different stages
  • Block issue of material under quarantine
Requisitions Management
  • Purchase Requisition Mgmt. with Approval Workflow
  • Request for Quote, Easy Import Excel Template quote to BC
  • Last 5 Purchases Matrix of particular Item/Vendor
  • Well Integrated with Planning worksheet & Planning Module of base BC
  • Other requisitions to manage internal movements & issue of material with approval workflow
Fleet & Plant Maintenance
  • Different type of Maintenance of Assets, Plants & Machinery
  • Auto Forecast of Maintenance Schedules with respect to different maintenance criteria
  • Integration with Dynamics BC Planning, Fixed Asset Mgmt.& Requisition
  • Consumables Management
EXIM (Export Import Management)
  • EXIM Add-on is cover whole business process of Export Process, Import Process, INCO Terms, Post Shipment documentation, Duty Drawback, Bill of export and other value-added services.

Business Central manage and monitor overall performance of Finance, Supply chain, production & operation, sales & purchase etc.

Dynamics 365 Business Central has built-in CRM capability and this sales solution for sales team to nurture lead, achieve more business and manage customers. It is flexible and cloud-based solutions. It can be easily tailored any organization and tracking leads, manage sales workflows, manage report and opportunity.

Dynamics 365 Business Central connects directly with Dynamics 365 for Sales and allows synchronize data between the two systems. They import one-time bulk and set up real-time or change-based modules to keep both systems in sync.

Each module can be used as-is or can be used as a great starting point to customize further. The provided module integrates to:

  • Accounts
  • Currencies
  • Items
  • Invoices
  • Resource
  • Territories
  • Sales Price
  • Opportunity
  • Units of Measure
  • Invoice adjustments
  • Invoices
  • Warehouses

If you are looking for an experienced & dedicated team for your Microsoft Dynamics Support, you are at the right place. Our versatile, seasoned & pro-active team is always available with solution & recommendation for your Issue, requirement.

Our Support service is highly flexible & can be uniquely crafted as per customer need. You can prepare your Support contract by choosing followings services,

  • Off-shore/On-site Support.
  • Key/End User training.
  • Implementation of new functionalities/Add-ons/Modules.
  • Development/customization of new functionality.
  • Output/MIS Report Development
  • Hotfixing/Bugfixing.
  • Version Upgrades.
  • Product performance tuning & Optimization.
  • Database & Product performance monitoring.
  • Integration with Third party applications.
  • ISV Support.

Benefits of Support Service contract,

  • Access to Ticketing System & Customer portal.
  • Easy visibility & tracking of on-going tasks & issues with deadline & delivery dates.
  • Accelerated channel for customers under AMC Contract.
  • Special rates for service hours.
  • Rate locking for the contract time frame.
  • Dedicated support team with extensive experience in Dynamics product support.

MindQuad has always taken a practical approach to training and can offer training either on your own site, or at MindQuad HQ. Working with the product since it was launched means that MindQuad has a substantial knowledge of the Business Central product that you can benefit from by attending one of our training workshops.

Please see below some of the standard training workshop that we provide or contact us for more information or to enquire about tailoring workshop for your team.

The Basics of Business Central:

Designed to give people new to Business Central an overview of the core concepts of Business Central as well as a high-level knowledge of modules: financials, sales, purchasing, stock, and CRM.

Advanced Business Central:

For those either looking to develop their current their Business Central knowledge or for more in-depth training. Prior Business Central experience is a pre-requisite for this workshop.

Choose from our beginners one day workshop which gives a good basic working knowledge of the report generation structure, or a full 2-day workshop for more advanced knowledge.

Further you can avail any of our Training, Consulting or Configuration services as per the hourly rate mutually decided by us:

  • Minor Layout changes, PLD/Crystal
  • DTW
  • Some simple query writing
  • ‘How to’ Training sessions
  • Backup & restore Services
  • Checking for space on server
  • Setting up new users
  • Assigning Authorizations
  • Loading Microsoft Dynamics 365 on new Hardware
  • Setting up UDF’s
  • Installing and setting up the RSP
  • Setting up Alerts
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