SAP Business One

Run Simple,Run Better

The SAP Business One application offers a single, affordable way to manage your entire business from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations. Designed specifically for small businesses, it helps you streamline processes, act on timely information, and accelerate profitable growth.

SAP Business One is an affordable, award-winning product built exclusively for small businesses. As a complete, integrated software application, SAP Business One eliminates the cost and hassle of integrating multiple standalone applications. Its intuitive interface and vast configurability minimizes IT complexities for implementation and ongoing maintenance.

To maintain an edge, you need to streamline processes and find better ways to access the right information to make the best business decisions. If you can effectively track and then access all customer related information, for example, you can service your customers more personally and more intelligently at every point of contact – locking in their loyalty (and repeat business).

By seamlessly integrating sales, customers, financials, and operations, SAP solutions give you the cross company visibility you need to make decisions based on real-time information. Armed with insight into every aspect of your business, you can easily monitor performance, eliminate inefficiencies, and, most important, identify profitable opportunities.

Features Offered By SAP Business One:

  1. Administration: Authorization, Alerts, Workflow, Rights Management
  2. Purchase: Purchase Quotation Generation Wizard, Purchase Orders, Goods Received Note, A/P Invoices / Excise Invoices, Landed Costs
  3. CRM: Tracking Sales Opportunities/Leads, Maintaining Activities for Sales: Sales Quotation, Sales Order, A/R Invoices/Excise Invoices
  4. MRP: To Identify Required Quantities for Purchase Planning & Production Planning
  5. Production: Bill of Material, Production Order, Issue & Receipt of Production Finance & Banking: Complete Control Accounting, Multi Currency Transactions & Management
  6. Inventory: Multiple Units of Measure, Warehouses, Min.-Max.-Required Level of Inventory
  7. Business Partner: Complete Partner related tracking with Taxation / TDS details, Administration
  8. Service Management: Post Sales Warranty & Other Services Management
  9. HR: Manage Employee Data & Records
  10. Report Solutions: XL Reporter, Crystal Report, iTunes Application
    • Over 150 Readily available Reports
    • Over 100 Customized Reports Offered by Team MINDQUAD

Our Consultants work closely with you to understand your business functions, processes and procedures, including your business requirements and needs before implementing any solution. When implementing a new system, selecting the right software is only the beginning. The true work begins when the actual implementation starts. By applying our exceptional methods to work, our implementation services capitalize on an “out of the box” product functionality to get customers up and running quickly, efficiently and with minimal financial investment.

MINDQUAD delivers its project by using The SAP ASAP Focus methodology. This proven and tested methodology over decades aims at quick implementation of SAP Business One within decided budgets and time frame.

Under this approach MINDQUAD team works with the business and IT team of the organization to help improve their business processes, identify to-be processes and map their business requirements to the functionality available in the SAP application through configuration and customization. Extensive testing and effective change management are key elements of this project. The key phases and activities are defined by SAP’s ASAP methodology as highlighted below.



Phase 1 – Project Preparation

The purpose of this phase is to provide initial planning and preparation for the project. Every project has its own unique objectives, scope, and priorities. The steps in Phase 1 identify and plan the primary focus areas to be considered.

During this phase, we will undertake the following activities:

  • Definition of project goals and objectives
  • Clarification of implementation scope
  • Definition of implementation strategy
  • Definition of overall project schedule and implementation sequence
  • Establishment of the project organization and committees
  • Assignment of resources
  • Addressing these issues early in the implementation provides a solid foundation for the project and helps ensure that the project proceeds efficiently.

Phase 2 – Business Blueprint

The purpose of this phase is to create the business blueprint, which is detailed documentation of the results gathered during requirements workshops. The business blueprint documents the business process requirements of the company and helps to illustrate how the company intends to run its business within the SAP Business One.

Other activities in this phase include:

  • Refinement of the original project goals and objectives
  • Definition of the baseline scope
  • Refinement of the overall project schedule and implementation sequence

Phase 3 – Realization

The purpose of this phase is to implement business and process requirements based on the business blueprint. The objectives are as follows:

  • Final implementation in the system
  • Overall test
  • Release of the system for production (live) operation

Phase 4 – Final Preparation

The final preparation includes testing, end-user training, system management, and cutover activities. The final preparation phase also serves to resolve all crucial open issues. On successful completion of this phase, the customer’s business will be ready to run with the new live SAP Business One.

Phase 5 – Go-Live and Support

The purpose of this phase is to cut over to live productive operation and to continuously support and improve live operations. This phase encompasses two distinct periods, as follows:

Project End

When the system first goes live, all issues and problems will have been resolved, transition to the production support team will have been finalized, knowledge transfer will have been completed, and the project will have been signed off.

Continuous Improvement

Once the project is complete, the production support team will monitor the system and resolve live business process issues. Proper change management procedures will be established, and ongoing end-user training will be conducted. Plans will be made to continuously review and improve business processes.

MINDQUAD has an enormous range of experience in Add-On development based on Software Development Kit provided by SAP, and have so far developed over 50 industry specific add-ons for companies using SAP Business One. A number of our more general use add-ons are detailed here, however a great deal more add-ons are company-specific.

All software projects are thoroughly analyzed and documented prior to commencement, with both our clients and MINDQUAD, required to sign off on a written specification which ensures that all parties know what functionality is deliverable, the estimated timescale for completion and normally the price, as most of the projects are undertaken on a fixed price basis.

Projects are managed throughout their life cycles, and MINDQUAD utilize elements from 3 design/management methodologies, these being, RAD (Rapid Application Development), JAD (Joint Application Development) and SSADM (Structured Systems and Design Methodology), helping to ensure that our projects come in on time, with the minimum amount of disruption and the maximum return on your investment.

Add-On Modules Offered By MINDQUAD

  • Production with QC & In Process Job work
  • Plant Maintenance – Scheduled & Breakdown
  • QC -Material Inward / Outward & In Process
  • Mobile Alert-SMS
  • Email Alert
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • EXIM
  • Inter Company Posting
  • Warehouse with Bin Management
  • Third Party Payroll Integration

With today’s technological advances, there is a growing need for connectivity and information accessibility as your customers expect you always to have up-to-date information at your fingertips. They would like to know what’s available, how much it costs, and when you can deliver it. And to stay on top of things, people and businesses are increasingly turning to smart phones. With the SAP Business One mobile application for iPhone, SAP empowers you by providing immediate access to the most relevant information to enable you to run your business from any location, at any time. You can manage customer and partner data, process pending approval requests, view reports, and much more.

More and more, your business is on the move. And the SAP Business One application helps you keep pace with the mobile world by providing a fully integrated mobile application for iPhone. The SAP Business One mobile application for iPhone (and, by extension, the iPad) is designed to help you and your sales teams stay connected and informed at all times. You can gain access to the most relevant business information so you can be more productive and effective on the go.

Key Features

Manage tasks and activities

  • View your upcoming tasks and scheduled activities at a glance, with flexibility to drill into details and update information if needed
  • Display all activities pertaining to a specific customer or partner, update activities, or add new ones

View and interact with alerts and approval tasks

  • Get alerts on specific events such as deviations from approved discounts, prices, credit limits, or targeted gross profits – using an intuitive interface that allows you to sort various alerts by date, type, or priority
  • View and complete approval requests, and drill into the relevant data or metric before making your decision – with just a few taps
  • Ask for additional information or provide comments to requesters in the approval and rejection process

Access real-time reports

  • Access built-in reports from SAP® Crystal Reports software
  • Add your own customized reports to the application, and share them via e-mail

Manage customer and partner data

  • Access and manage your customer and partner information, including addresses, phone numbers, and contact details; view historical activities and special prices
  • Create new customer and partner data, and add new activities as new opportunities arise
  • Have all changes automatically synchronized with the SAP Business One application on the back end

Check on-hand inventory and item data

  • Monitor inventory levels, and access detailed information about your products, including purchasing and sales price, available quantity, manufacturer, shipping type, product specifications, and pictures

MINDQUAD has long been a proponent of business intelligence and data warehousing; building central solutions to allow you to access, integrate, transform, and deliver enterprise data from any source for reporting, query and analysis, analytic applications, and performance management.

With the release of SAP Business One 8.8 New features include embedded analytics from the SAP Business Objects portfolio, which you can use to influence decision-making.

Xcelsius provides easy creation of interactive dashboards and the ability to export your dashboard into familiar formats (Office, Flash, PDF etc.) which can be embedded in reports or deployed as web-services which in turn gives on the fly business intelligence: real-time data interaction, display of business data in stunning visualizations, faster answer to business questions and extensive ‘what if’ analysis

Our Comprehensive Business Intelligence services include:

Data Storage and Management

A solid, scalable data storage and management solution is the crux of better business intelligence. In order to keep up with growing volumes of data, you need flexible and trustworthy options to help you store, manage, and secure it. A data storage and management platform can assist you deliver accurate, timely information that contains the details your organization needs to move the business forward.

  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Quality
  • Data Mining

Information Delivery

Even the best, most relevant business intelligence information will go unused if it can’t be accessed in a timely and convenient manner. Our business intelligence solutions make information easy to access and understand across all levels of your business.

  • Dashboards
  • Portals
  • Managed Reporting
  • Visualization

Query, Reporting and Analysis

Our business intelligence solutions help you empower users by giving them quick access to relevant structured and non-structured business intelligence information found in systems across the organization.

  • Reporting
  • Data Analysis

Performance Management

A complete performance management cycle must include deep and up-to-the-minute monitoring and analytics. Our solutions answer this challenge by providing flexible, easy-to-use tools that can help everyone across your organization make informed decisions that align with company-wide objectives and strategy.

  • Scorecards
  • Impact Management
  • Dashboards
  • Analytics

B1iSN connects SAP NW at headquarter to subsidiaries running SAP Business One. B1i is the platform for integration & collaboration from SAP using the latest and cutting edge technologies. With B1i, SAP opens now the high integrated world even for Small Businesses. MINDQUAD provides consulting services to companies that require integration of their head office SAP ERP with subsidiaries, vendors or other networks.

B1i as the platform for integration & collaboration:

  • Unifies business processes, and automates operations across the ecosystem
  • Brings rapid implementation with rich and proven out-of-the-box scenarios
  • Retrieves, maps and exchanges data with Web services, connected devices, collaboration tools, and social networks
  • Integration across heterogeneous system environments and unification of business processes is brought about by writing business specific “integration content”.
  • Integrates customers into business networks, across heterogeneous system environments
  • Integrates cloud computing, “hybrid” deployment model for network applications

The corporate SAP NW – SAP Business One Integration is the ideal solution for businesses with multiple offices across the globe. It helps enterprises to integrate the results of global operations from the remote locations and also enhances the ease of transactions between subsidiaries of an organization and moreover enables enterprises to access data directly from any subsidiary.

This solution enables businesses to manage intercompany transactions that affect more than one company within a group of companies by automatically replicating corresponding transactions across multiple company databases. Automating the replication of such transactions significantly reduces the amount of end user effort and manual rekeying of data to maintain intercompany trading financial statements.

This Solution for SAP Business One allows generation of consolidated financial statements considering all group companies. Financial statements like Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss statement, Trial Balance report, etc are non-customized, standard SAP Business One report to maintain consistency of layout and authenticity of data.

SAP Business One integration for SAP NetWeaver (B1iSN) is a special solution for customers, running SAP NW components in their headquarters and SAP Business One in their subsidiaries. B1iSN is running centrally in the HQ and integrates the subsidiaries into the overall enterprise business processes. You can run B1iSN integrated via SAP XI or with direct connections. B1iSN comes along with out-of-the-box integration scenarios, e.g. for master data, sales processes and reporting and allows the implementation of any individual scenario to the customer’s needs.

MINDQUAD’ team of consultants works jointly with clients and helps them to increase revenue growth by driving up business opportunities from SAP ERP – SAP Business One solution. The in-depth domain knowledge and expertise of our professionals endowed with end-to-end customized integration solutions makes MINDQUAD’ team a perfect fit for such integrations.

Grow your margins and your company with SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA

Get big company performance at a small company price – with SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA. This small business management software, powered by our in-memory computing platform, can help you supercharge application performance and analyse massive volumes of data in real time – without complicating your IT landscape.

  • Run your entire business with a single solution that will scale as you grow
  • Drive measurable performance gains in all of your key business processes
  • Generate interactive reports in seconds – and get the real-time insight needed to boost profits
  • Choose to deploy either on-premise or in the cloud hosted.

SAP HANA for SAP Business One Solution

  • Real-time analytics that can crunch through all of your SAP Business One data in seconds
  • New functionality enabling high-performance dashboards and reporting as well as realtime inventory, order management, and cash-flow visibility
  • Single software platform that simplifies IT administration

SAP HANA for SAP Business One Benefits

  • Dramatically improved responsiveness of planning, sales, production, and financial processes
  • Faster business insight for improved decision making
  • Unmatched performance gains as more users access the software concurrently
  • Reduced IT ownership

Enterprise Search

This new search technology mimics that of the most popular search engines from the web, and provides a full 32-key text search. Users can apply dynamic filters and drill-down, while still adhering to the data security policies designed by your system administrators and implementers.

Mobile Applications

Dubbed “Extreme Apps,” functions like the Enterprise Search, Pervasive Analytics, Cash Flow Forecast, Available to Promise and Delivery Scheduling have been added to the existing SAP Mobile App that is included in with every B1H license.

SAP HANA for SAP Business One Objectives

Leverage the power of SAP HANA to improve performance and agility while lowering IT costs
Analyze  growing volumes of data instantly to streamline business processes and improve decision making
Run your business on a single, affordable enterprise solution that will scale as your business grows.

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